sa wakas nanood kami ng maximo oliveros…

it was… how do you say it… typical indie film. right from the first shot, inding-indie na. throughout the course of the movie i was trying to look for moments to confirm people’s reactions that the movie was good, that the lead (nathan lopez) was good, that is was… well good.

i dont wanna burst people’s bubbles but hey, hindi ba a little overrated yung movie. storyline was great (indie kasi e), but i can’t really give the movie a standing ovation. there were plenty of scenes that seemed contrived. in fairness to nathan, magaling yung bata kaso hindi kasing galing as i expected dahil nga sa mga initial reviews. the love interest (si victor) was stoic.

umikot lang ang ulo ko nung biglang umalis na yung hepe nila then sabay pasok ng replecement….. janjararaaaaannnn si kuya bodgie. sorry pero humagalpak ako ng tawa sa sinehan. serious moment dapat sabay litaw ni kuya bodgie. i’m pretty sure that wasn’t the reaction the director was aiming for. sori direk.

sa mga ignorante na lang siguro… watch it. you’ll learn a thing or two about family. reminder lang sa manonood na mababa ang moralidad: wala pong bed scene ni kissing scene yung dalawang bida. kakahiya kayo hehehehehe


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