It’s all weird

i had a very weird day…

everything started normal. i woke up late.

i brought a friend to my other friend’s house. i did my good deed for the decade… we cleaned up her place. la lang i just got the impulse to reorganize everything  in my path. we finished early evening and decided to grab a bite.

we went to robinsons pioneer then we opted to just go get some coffee since we’re not hungry anyway. awa ng dyos walang malapit na starbucks so we had to walk papasok ng papasok ng pioneer… wala. took the trike ayun meron sa edsa central.

we had coffee… chatted a little the went home in opposite directions. then i realized i wanted to buy some dvds from guadalupe so i took the bus back. ayun nkabili ng corrs live in london. took the bus to monumento.

travelling regularly from the office to monumento by bus is really a long long long ride. ngayon, surprisingly, i was awake the whole time from guadalupe. siguro mga 45 mins to an hour yun. the whole time walang tumabi sa kin. not that i wanted someone beside me pero there was a point when all the seats were taken except the two seats beside me. (i was on the rigth side, yung tatluhan, and i was sitting right beside the window) the whole time wala talagang sumasakay. praning ako. is there something wrong with me? was i sprouting horns? do i smell funny? bakit kaya…

anyway nawala na sa isip ko yun. i was so immersed in my ipod. finally may tumabi. employee ng toy kingdom. sumakay ng north edsa. then pagdating ng muñoz, lipat agad to the nearest vacant seat. hala bakit ba kasi…

monumento na. bumaba na ko. sakay ng jeep na divisoria. there was this girl right beside me. then biglang lumipat sa kabilang side tumabi dun sa guy. turns out boyfriend nya pala yun. pero nkakapraning talaga kasi ng bakit ba walang gusto tumabi sa kin?

then it hit me. nakasulat sa t-shirt ko: TALK DIRTY TO ME

asus napagkamalan ata akong perv. bwiset.


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