bertdey ko wee

im 29 and the cosmos has given me not so subtle signs about how my life is going to be next year…

i met someone minutes before my birthday… we had a blast spent two hours together talking. sadly we had to part because i was full of chicken poop, i never had the guts to say what i really felt. yun lang… hindi ko nakuha number nya (MESSAGE FROM THE GREAT COSMOS: Stop thinking too much. Smell the roses, enjoy the scene)

kanina a rolling billboard (read: trucks that go around the city with a huge billboard propped on its bed) almost ran over me. i was rattled only to realize that the ad was for FRENZY CONDOMS (MESSAGE FROM THE GREAT COSMOS: Either i will die a very horny man OR i’m being reminded that using rubber will knock some sense into me in the future hihihi)

ano iniiii


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