it’s a fact

it’s a fact: when one part of your life is going well, another part falls spectacularly into pieces.

career-wise, i think i’m doing well. all my projects are well underway and (modesty aside sa lahat ng mga officemates ko) are well-received by most, if not all who hear of it.  in short, professionally, i feel fulfilled. and i’m happy and grateful with that.

yun lang, in other parts, things are not looking as pretty. one major thing that happened was us losing the chance to win one of the most coveted cards in PRO (that’s Philippine Ragnarok Online to the uninformed hehehe). the rival guild (itago na lang natin sila sa pangalang scourge) resorted to dirty tactics to get the upper hand. i guess they knew that that was the only they could beat us. it’s so underhanded it makes me sick.

second, i just couldnt understand why two people who are obviously attracted to each other just wont get on with it? andami alibi andami dahilan. bwiset kung ayaw eh di wag. madali ako kausap.

ranting ranting ranting


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