ibang kwento ng kababalaghan

ranting ranting ranting na naman
i’m beginning to sound like a whiner namfuta

what’s more difficult than moving on?
pag yung taong ayaw mo na makita, nagparamdam ulet. it’s like a corpse coming out of the grave. yun lang. walang pinagbago. once a liar, always a liar

is it a yes or a no?
we met. we  liked each other. (tawagin nating cyang A) we held hands in the bus for crying out loud. and now you’re giving excuses. ano ba, are we going out or what? i’m not the type na pwede i-hold, so adios na.

is it that hard to get courtesies these days?
you agreed to go out on a date with someone (tawagin natin cyang B), then on the eleventh hour sasabihing reschedule daw. kamusta naman yun. sayang naman yung kinancel na gimik with friends.

yan napapala ng masyadong assuming
aba. sweet ha. malambing. perfect (tawagin natin cyang C). kakatuwa naman. cya na kaya… parang. anyway we like each other. text text. good morning sunshine. walang humpay na mwa mwa. asking questions like you care. turns out, hindi lang pala yun para sa kin. generic pala. silly me. assuming na naman. tsk tsk

on the bright side
wala sila mama, nasa bohol. i’m home alone. i’m left to cook for myself, do the laundry and iron my clothes. for someone who spent 29 years of his life pampered, bago to. although i don’t mind, i always wanted to be independent naman. find my own place and everything. and now i’m getting a taste of it. medyo mahirap pala… lalo na ngayon. hindi ko alam na pag 30 minutes na pala umiikot ang damit sa washer, nadedeform na. hello deformed boxer shorts huhuhuhu


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