Try ko tumula

when i was younger, winner ako lagi sa mga poem writing competition. meron pa tinuro sa king haiku and tanaga although ngayon, i have no idea what they are exactly…. T_T

anyway, try ko nga gumawa ng poem


angels fall from heavens ablaze
shot by arrows of stone and gold
appeals to the heart of a man sober
barren like the desert under a summer moon

rose petals adorn coals burning warm
touched by the wind whispering their fear
for in the air the fragrance of love, a promise of hope
lingers like thoughts, like ripples in a well

stones and earth shall crumble, the skies shall weep tears of pearls
his heart bruised and battered, stained by dust, stained by lust
shall beat once more and be aflame
there in the mist lies the one

he shall dwell on the shaft
of light and dew glimmering
touch on the lips, taste on the skin
stab and explode deep


sa lahat ng mag-iisip. wala yan kahulugan.


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