Questions to ask the cosmos:

Why do i have to see a gorgeous couple looking so happy together?

How do i tell my friend how i feel? Is it mutual?

How come i always get just a little share of everything?

When will the madness stop?

What is so wrong with listening to songs from disney movies, miss saigon and les miserables?

Why can’t i stop thinking of my ex?

Why can’t i just stop thinking?

Why do people become green when they are envious?

Why do people turn green when they wanna puke?

Why is chlorophyll green? Is the plant envious? Does it wanna throw up?

Why did I become green when i saw a gorgoeus couple openly showing to the world that they love each other? maybe it’s because i wanna throw up. maybe through that, lumagpak sa harapan ko yung para sa kin.



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