Ang sunshine at ang bato

Drop off all your stuff and turn on the PC.

yan ang routine ko lagi pag-uwi. check all message avenues (email, friendster, YM etc..). i dunno why i do it but i just want to see people sending me messages.

today it’s no different. galing kami ng island cove weeee
natupad ang balak kong magpa-tan. sunbathing ako and since im narcoleptic, as usual nakatulog ako. luto na ko by the time i stood up from the recliner. the result: maitim ang harap ko maputi ang likod. kelangan pagpantayin so side b naman hehehe

while i was basking in the sun, i had my ipod on and let my thoughts wander off. and then tumugtog na ang mga certain songs. the songs that remind me of the one person who i don’t wanna think about. the one person who broke my heart twice in a week. i really dunno why i keep the songs instead of delete it. alam ko namang maiisip ko lang cya when i listen to it pero still, i listen like a sick masochist.

"see all i want you to do is be my love (my love) my love (my love)…"
"bridges go burn cause now it’s your turn to cry…"
"i still remember to the day, in fact it was a third monday you came along to be the one for me. and now i’m so all alone…"
"someday, someone’s gonna love me. the way i wanted you to need me…"
"wish i could be the one, the one who could give you love…"
"don’t call me in the middle of the night no more, don’t expect me to be there…"
"don’t just stand there and then tell me you’ll love me to leave again. cause im falling in love with you again…"
"you say you dream of my face but you don’t like me, you just like the chase"
"how can i fall. how can i fall when you just won’t give me reason…"

hooooooooyyyyyyyyyy gisiiiinnnggg sunog ka na!!!!!!!!!
ayun maitim na parehas. pantay na.

ngayon pagkauwi, turn on the pc. start i-tunes. run my playlist. same songs, same sentiments.

check the phones… nandun pa yung numbers nya.
dinelete ko na yun when we broke up
nagparamdam cya ulet recently
bat ba hindi ko dinelete
sabi ko sa kanya we’ll never be friends, not after everything
ayoko naaa
naalala ko nung pinuno ko ng luha ang lagoon sa greenbelt
i need to let go
after that, quiet na ulet
nagmiss call lang one time
sabi ko pag tinawagan ko cya
mauungkat na ulet lahat
parang baul na ni-lock na
bubuksan ko na naman
sabi ko sa sarili ko, pag nangyari yun, para akong kumuha ng malaking bato at pinukpok sa ulo ko

hhhhhrrrrrmmmmm temptation
kunin ko na kaya yung malaking bato
ihampas ko na kaya sa ulo ko



"i can’t take it, what am i waiting for. my heart’s still breaking. i miss you even more. and i can’t take it the way i could before. i hate you but i love you. i can’t stop thinking of you. don’t know what to do i’m stuck on you."


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