Sweet-talking, sugar-coated candyman

It’s been two weeks since i had a blog posting. that long. that means one of two things: either i don’t have time to post anything or i don’t have any oddity to talk about heheh

now that i’m here, let the blab begin

Shameful but i’d admit it nonetheless, first time kong bumoto kanina. i never really cared for these things because, well i basically gave up on the government. natanggap ko na that we’re being run by clowns so i see no point in exercising this right. however it came as a realization to me lately that i was actually taking for granted of something so basic to us pinoys. i realized that there are so many people who died from other countries to get this right. i felt guilty. fine. i’ll vote.

excitedly, i went to the school where i registered. it wasn’t as crowded as i feared. i went to one of the precints to look for my name in the list. wala. next. wala. next. wala. i went through all the precints in all three floors. wala.

my name isn’t there. huhuhuh

so yun hindi ako nkaboto.

sayang boto ko pa naman si chiz and si pichay hehehe


i joined my first marathon kahapon! i was with the other guys from our it dept.

sa UPD ang venue and i was in the 5k category. so how did i fare? ranked 137 out of the 600+ runners. not bad. not bad at all.

to reward myself, i bought new flipflops heheh

its been a week since i kissed someone. it wasn’t even sensual. wala lang. pwede pa-kiss? hehehe

i got new songs throbbing in my ipod:
1. big girls don’t cry by fergie – "i’m gonna miss you like a child misses their blanket but i gotta get a move on with my life"
2. makes me wonder by maroon 5 – "its really makes me wonder if i ever give a fuck about you"
3. candyman by christina aguilera – love the beat and the scat. galing.


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