life sucks

yeah yeah yeah

for those of you guys who like reading self-help books, etong sa inyo: shove that bleeping paperback up your scrawny little arse!

pardon the explitives, ladies and germs. i’m just a bit off the hook lately.

the great philosopher by the name of bridget jones once said, "if one part of your life is going well, another one falls spectacularly part."

notice how it’s been quantified ha, ONE. as in ONE. the cosmos must be in some weird phase where equality and balance among things is on hibernation.

things that can cause uproars like this:
1. work is a pile of !@#$. yes, there are days when one feele like wringing the necks of some people.
2. you discover that your ex has deleted you in friendster. sampal yun di ba.
3. your other pseudo-relationships are basically that – pseudo
4. you broke your heart even before you even gave it.n just when you thought you’re on the verge of getting things started, it vanishes like a blob of vomit flushed down the toilet.

now please don’t even think that this has nothing to do with me.

hindi ako yun

i’m not in denial. hindeeee


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