not yours but mine

seemed like eons ago when i last posted. keyword for the month: CHANGE

change is good. i welcome change. i abhor (did i spell it roght) stagnation.

first major change: i’m free! after eight loooooooonnnngggg years of being stuck in the not so small store,  i decided to finally take the leap (of faith as what my own dumbledore says). a lot of my friends said that initially the idea that you’re out of the pond may seem like a shock but then when you realize that you’re into something different (and hopefully better) you get an adrenaline rush. lo and behold, they were right. there is life after shoemart. people, i am free.

second: i had my head shaved – skinhead na akoooo heheh. seems apt for the new life. something i’ve been wanting to do for the longest time but never really got around to do it. now i did it and i feel good that i did. sabi nga sa company namin – we want people to look good so they feel good. true true true. i’ll post a pic one of these days hehehe


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