the genius that is macchiato

tall iced decaf caramel macchiato

tall iced decaf caramel macchiato

tall iced decaf caramel macchiato

drink of choice for the coffeeholic me who needs to cut down on the caffeine intake otherwise when i cut myself coffee will spew out of my very veins.

had a scare the other day. i think i had palpitation (O_o). just felt it for about three seconds, my heart literally banged in my chest like mad. no its not the kind i get when someone sinfully edible-looking passes by. made me think. i need to drink more water this time heheh

but, but, but (there’s a big butt here and it’s not mine), nothing can really come between me and my caramel macchiato. a recent pleasant discovery actually. i used to have mocha with all sorts of shots.

we had coffee (weee), my evil friends and i. a lot of catching up. we haven’t seen each other for a while and yet you can really feel how close we are. we basically know each and everyone’s dirty little secrets and moldy skeletons in the closet hehehe. what amazes me though is how different we are now compared to several years ago when we use to go out for (make a guess ^^,) coffee. back then we talked about how we’re managing as corporate slaves and how some of us would actually enjoy the torture. now, well things have changed. some of us got married, got kids and all. some are planning to follow that path. others (ehem ehem) chose a different, kinkier route – singlehood by choice. man we’re old. people in their late twenties / early thirties.

nonetheless, i hold up my macchiato for a toast:

to jozee and her (futile) attempt to leave

to tube and her (futile) attempt for birth control

to ed and her (futile) attempt to settle down and be taken seriously by a man

to martha and her (futile) attempt to be stay away from us (we love you kahit WWNTPKKPK)

to KB and her (futile) attempt to errr…. comprehend

to me and my (futile) attempt to keep my pants on (har har har)

and to everyone out there living their lame, futile lives but enjoying the ride nonetheless. here’s to you!


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