biding my time

what a way to kill time.

i’m in this computer cafe squinting over dull yellow lighting typing black greasy keys. Ew.

keyword for the decade, at least for moi, INCONVENIENCE

i hate it when people / institutions cause me unnecessary inconvenience. less than an hour ago, on public transport, i almost threw this stupid young person’s coins on her not so pretty face. imagine, you all board a jeep and they chose to lump themselves by the door, ergo setting them a couple of meters away from the driver’s outstretched hands. AND THEN THEY WANT ME TO PASS THEIR FARE ON. STUPID MUTHAFUCKIN BITCH

i quitted from my wonderful wonderful (read: barf, barf) company in an effort to free myself from the unnecessary inconveniences of working as a slave in one of the country’s biggest machines. imagine working till ungodly hours without even knowing why the fuck are you doing it in the first place.

so there i was enjoying my freedom from those awful chains. and yeah, being a very good boy, i get rewarded for the years of presenting my bare back (that’s bare back note brokeback you pervert) for whipping (ouch!). and the only condition is… wait for two months. what the heck, two kmonths won’t be that long. problem is… it’s almost three months and i still didn’t get it. STUPID MUTHAFUCKIN err… thing. it seems like the pain and inconveniences brought about by being associated with slavedrivers isn’t enough. it’s like you really need pain up to the last morsels of your flesh. like, right before they totally let you go, they have to make you suffer one last time. i hate it, i hate it. damn


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