sam milby, voldermort and i have something in common

(and baby i hope you understand why i’m doing this. if you’re my bebot, i’m not sure if you should read this)

hello y’all

it’s a bright and shiny monday, sun is up and things are looking err… sunny heheheh

just had a thought so i decided to just, you know, blog it.

those of you who read harry potter (as in really read it) might have an idea on what horcruxes are. the book said like it’s possible to rip your soul apart and store it in little thingies so that you won’t have to face mortal death right? what’s the price? since your soul’s not intact anymore then you won’t exactly be whole anymore, especially when the horcrux got destroyed, right? now, to be able to make a horcrux, you would have to do something really terrible like kill someone, right? and voldemort did that seven times, right?

well tom marvolo riddle and moi have something in common.

before you start calling the cops, NO, DID NOT KILL ANYONE TO HAVE MY OWN HORCRUX. let me explain…

you see a couple of years ago i met my soulmate. she was THE ONE, i’m telling you. being with her was like having your life complete (that’s how i knew). but then being such a prat as most guys are, i was, especially at the time, too stupid to see it. i was busy “exploring” my life and all that i can do with my young tender body (OMG!!!)

anyway to make the long story short, i had the chance to keep the other half of my soul. it was right there, right in front of me, very much willing to love and be loved in return. she was THE ONE i told you. but then i blew it. i set her aside… only to realize that it was the wrong move

then  i had a second chance. yipee. but then i blew it again. anyone who never got second chances would probably hit me smack in the head with a stiff gourd. yes i was THAT STUPID… i let her go again

and this time, i lost her for good

now what does that gotta do with voldemort:
1. i “killed” a perfectly good relationship thinking that if i did, then i would probably be better off (wrong)
2. doing so made me lose half of my soul (she was THE ONE)
3. as a result, i am left with just half a man that i should have been… a half-life… incomplete

now don’t go running around thinking that i haven’t really moved on. i did, i tried really hard (as in. count the number of beds i’ve been in). now i found someone who loves me so dearly and i love just as much

it’s just that being in touch again is just bringing everything back. i wanted to be cool about the fact that everything is over and i really can’t change anything. i give credit to those people who tell me that not everything i want i get. they’re right. they are soooooo right. damn.

but fact remains, i’m still an incomplete person

now this is the part where i transform from voldemort to sam milby

i want to be… complete

hehehehehe enjoy the rest of your life people


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