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has it ever happened to you that you don’t know whether you were awake or you were asleep? i know, i know it kinda sounds like something out of The Matrix, but yeah it does happen to me at times. call it whatever you want, sometimes i get the feeling that i actually get an “out-of-body” experience (psychics would call it that, the feeling that you actually feel like you get separated from your solid form).

hehehe skeptic brows all over would shoot up i know. i’m not claiming i did it, i just THINK i did. picture this, i was on my way to the office, listening to my ipod as always. absently i folded my arms across my chest, looking out the window. then i looked down, i saw both my hands on my lap INSTEAD OF MY CHEST. freaky huh. what’s even freakier is that i happened several times afterwards, in the most unexpected times and places. me feeling my arms moving and yet when i look at it, it’s just in one place.

as if the freakfest isn’t enough, i get into states of half-sleep, half-wake. my eyes are closed and yet i feel them open. like i’m looking into some space with images flashing. some of them discernable, others not. i even saw someone looking back once. weird weird weird

it’s no secret to my friends that i dabble into what others would label as witchcraft (for lack of a better term i think). for me its more than that actually. it’s dealing with the mystic side of things. recognizing energies and using it heheh

before you start hearing the charmed theme, hey, this ain’t fiction. reality shocks even more at times.

follower of the old ways, the old religion. i am an old soul, that i’m sure.


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