What comes in must go out

have you ever wondered why you eat? some people say you eat to live. others say that you eat to give yourself energy to do stuff. and yet other geekier beings say that you eat because you want to get enough adenosine triphosphates to power your cellular activities. i pondered upon this the other day and came up with a simple equation.

the body needs to release solid wastes aka poop to get rid of all the waste and dirt that has accumulated in our digestive tract. if a person won’t poop, then there is a risk of “poisoning” the body because you retain stuff that’s not needed and therefore bad for you.

now putting two and two together, you eat to poop. you have to take it in just so you have something to poop because if you won’t poop, you’ll die (or at least get really sick)

now let’s toast to one of the simple joys of life, pooping. for without poop, we would have no reason to eat.

(bows and stretches arms so the nurses can strap on the straight jacket on me)


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