noobs and nudes


notice the last post was last december. haven’t been blogging lately. not that my life ran out of excitements.

i said noobs and nudes

hmmm… noobs – no you pervert it’s not a sleazy word. it’s a play on newbie – newbs – noobs – get it? anyway the new year has been such an amazing crazy roller coaster

1.  i got into a tussle with the fat bitter witches of the garden of good an evil (hah, they know who they are). let’s just put it this way, they owe me something and i retaliated because they were moving at a glacial pace. now they made a fuss out of it citing my supposed “ingratitude” – totally missing out the point that these things wouldn’t have happened if they stood off their blubbery asses and did their job. worse, they are in denial of their fault and resorted to a smear campaign against me. the pathetic toads.

2. i got tins on my grins. after years and years of coaxing, i finally relented to having braces. no, it’s not just for show. my teeth (not teats you pervert) really need it. nothing exciting though, save for the fact that i got the biggest mouth sore in  the galaxy. it was pain beyond description. thank god it healed

3. i got a new phone. my dream came true. i got my p1i. now i am complete. now i can go to the west and live in the undying lands…. dream sequence hahahaha

4. i went to boraaaaaaaa.  my take on it: boracay = nudes hahaha don’t get me wrong it’s not a nudist beach. the nudities happened somewhere else hahaha

ciao for now. more pix next issue


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