Finally a new blog!

I’ve had blogs in the past but sadly I failed to keep them up-to-date till I realized my last post was like more than a year ago LOL.

Hmm… what to do with all this space? I know I’ll do my own version of Project 365. For those of you who are (hopefully) intelligent but (sadly) uninformed, Project 365 is like posting one picture you took each day of the current year. Some of my friends got their own Project 360 etc. because well, they missed some of the days of 2010. LOL again.

Anyway I won’t post pictures here. I’m not a photography enthusiast. What I’ll do is post at least one crazy thought per day. Sounds promising. I’ll ask questions no one asks, say things most people would rather keep to themselves, and answer some of the questions which hopefully will not destroy any of the last morsels of dignity I still have left.

So, on with the craziness.

19 February 2010. Light blue polo, jeans and sneakers. We had lunch at Chowking (like we always do every other day). Tried out their new orange chicken. It was good. Well, that is if you like the taste of those sauces for fishballs (manong yung matamis ha). And then it happened. I had a sudden burst of courage. I turned and saw her. I was like, WTF?!? That has got to be the uggliest effing face I’ve ever seen in my life. She really looked like a hammerhead shark. with the underdeveloped body of a woman. Her eyes are too far apart you could mistake them for ears with lashes. Her upturned mouth and tiny button nose made it even worse.

I said to myself, I should have the courage to ask her where she parked her flying saucer.

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