What’s wrong with this picture?

Living in Manila my entire life has granted me with a lot of time to really explore the sights and sounds associated with city living. I’ve never experienced living in both provinces where my parents came from except for the occasional vacation. Given that, I never really learned how to plant anything, raise any farm animal, milk a cow, climb coconut trees, or even swim well enough to save myself. 

However, being stuck in an urban jungle like Manila has quite a lot of perks. Yes I never climbed trees but I’m very adept at climbing stairs. I can run up a relatively long flight of stairs in one breath. Also, I have a keen sense of direction. I hardly get lost, even if I’m not really that familiar with the place. I use tall buildings, the sun and my charms to find my way. I’m also very adept in cooking instant noodles. Despite it’s non-semolina noodles, I can keep everything al dente using songs as my timer. Yes I sing and dance when cooking noodles. Leave me alone.

If there’s one very special skill I’m proud of is doing my covert operations. I like taking pictures. But not in that I-wanna-be-in-so-I-bought-a-fancy-camera-even-if-all-I-do-is-point-and-shoot-stupid-subjects-like-myself kinda way. 

I take pictures of fashion victims. You know, people who have no idea their taste in clothes and shoes will make Alexander McQueen stir in his grave. 

I take pictures of odd signs. Be it just grammar or spelling. I take pictures for kicks.

Here’s what I mean:

All of these images are mine. If you wanna use it, go ahead. Just have the balls to ask permission or at least credit me. >.>


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