Defying Bridget’s Law

03.03.2010 – White shirt, jeans, sneakers and a newsboy cap.

Every mentor’s motto is, “Push yourself to the limit.” That works, if you’re actually a good mentor. You know how Obi-Wan was to Anakin, or Dumbledore was to Harry. How the great master of things saw something in their young apprentices which through the right tutelage (what a word!) led them to blossom into amazing fountains of awesomeness.

Being in this profession for so long, I feel like, even as I have grown so much, I still got a loooong way to go. Now that wouldn’t be a problem if I have a mentor to guide me now. It’s one thing to be able to make things from scratch and it’s another to actually be taught how to do it. I think the latter would produce better output.

Anyway, what does this have to do with Bridget? The great plump “wanton sex goddess with a very bad man between her thighs” has shared one truth about the world – If your career starts going well, your personal life falls spectacularly into pieces. Well you really can’t have it all. Rarely do we find people who are equally successful on both ends. Come on admit it, it’s a legend. Nobody lives a perfect life. Nobody’s perfect, period.

The richest, most successful tycoon feels lonely and he looks for a girl (or a guy, whatever floats his boat) and tries to shower her/him with material things to compensate for his waning libido. Think of Hefner, he’s surrounded by all those bunnies who act like he’s THE bomb. Ew. Who are they kidding? The guy couldn’t get a boner if his life depended on it. 

Now there’s that lovely little housewife with the adoring husband and the cutest kids on the planet. Sure she says she’s fulfilled and happy. But we all know that deep inside, she wants to have something she can call her own. She want’s power. She wants to wear the pants every once in a while.

Now given that, why don’t we try to beat Bridget’s Law. Be a failure in your personal life AND be a failure in your job as well? Now THAT is pushing yourself to the limit. Oh my mentor’s gonna be so proud of me. 


One thought on “Defying Bridget’s Law

  1. sana this post wasn't conceptualize because of something bad happened.. which reminds me we were talking about this three weeks ago.. seeing these lines "If your career starts going well, your personal life falls spectacularly into pieces. Well you really can't have it all." why do you even have to write that.. are you talking about me here? LOLvery well said my friend! love this post! more more more!

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