Not all that glitters is… well… glitter.

In every person’s life, there are moments when things just start swirling in your head. Ironies, introspections and dark humor just pops out of nowhere and just swims in circles like fudge on melted ice cream (yum!)

Have you ever been in a virtual relationship? No, not like those perverted online things where you both pretend to be in a relationship that cannot be bound by normal rules of dating (read: actually seeing the person and spending time with them). I mean like, you’re sort of in a relationship limbo. Like you like/love each other but both of you never really took the time to put a label in it? Whether intentional or not, you just didn’t want the strings. 

But then it feels and sort of works like an actual relationship – complete with all the laughs, the thrills, the sad parts and the occasional (or one) steamy night. It’s got all the elements of a good, happy relationship – the sweet nothings, the googly eyes, the sharing of each other’s problems. You get your good times and your bad times. You make each other laugh as much as you tore each other apart. You get the picture.

Now the odd thing is much as it feels like a relationship, you wake up one morning and smell the coffee. This isn’t real. Who am I kidding here? Yes I’m happy, yes I feel kind of special – but is all this REAL? We both know this is so wrong in so many levels. This is the kind of thing that makes self-help books so prolific. 

You realized it’s all just not real. It must have been all in your head. But then, you start asking – if this isn’t real, how come the heartbreak feels like the real thing? Why doesn’t the hurt feel fake? Why do the tears fall like it does in real life? Why did I hear my heart actually crack?

Lots of ways of looking at it. It’s all just glitter anyway.

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