Big Swirling Vat Of Dark Emo

“Do you love me?”
“Will you give me another chance?”

Those were the first three lines in the video for Taylor Swift’s White Horse. I know, here I go again with being all depressing and analytical about stuff but hey, this is me. Indulge me on this okay? LOL

Something about melancholy draws people into it. Sad songs remind me of a slowly swirling vat of dark chocolate. It’s hypnotizing and you know it’s so bad to take too much of it but what the heck you help yourself nonetheless. Everybody likes sadness, admit it or not. We all like to every once in a while reflect on all those hurt we experienced as we go through the daily grind. There is this saying that, “If it doesn’t kill you it will make you stronger.” So I think that the more people embrace the hurt, the stronger we become and therefore we get to bear more, you guessed it, pain.

Heartbreaks in particular are such rich sources of sadness that it has the capacity to obliterate the sun in any happy camper’s life. No matter how seemingly perfect you may be, there’s no immunity for it. No matter how much you psych yourself to face a breakup, you still end up wounded. There are however people who willing get themselves into these situations. Perhaps to get a feel of their mortality or just plain masochism.

A guy practically moved mountains just to be with the one he loves, risking everything he had. Fate did cooperate and gave him one last chance to say what’s on his heart because he knew that that one moment when it happens, that is his only opportunity to show how he really felt. It’s the big dice roll, the big leap of faith. It all seemed perfect. Then it all came crashing down. Worse part is, guy didn’t know what happened and why it happened. Everything just crashed spectacularly. So now he’s in a limbo, lost. Resigned to the fact that not because you gave it all doesn’t mean you’ll get something in return.

No THAT was not about me. Or is it? Go torture yourselves thinking.

“Do you love me?”
“Will you give me another chance?”



2 thoughts on “Big Swirling Vat Of Dark Emo

  1. i think personally people take risk because they still believe on one true love. there’s always two ways to look at it. 1. is oh crap i did it again. 2. is at least i tried.

    and at the end of it one should not be ashamed if all things fail. on the other hand, one should think the next time will be much better.

    naks ako ba ito? yeah crap i still believe in love.

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