And the award goes to…


I never had a trophy for myself.

Considering that I was one of the bright ones in class, I never had a single trophy with my name on it. The only one I have is the one we got for getting first place at a dance competition back in college. Come to think of it, why didn’t I have one?

I think it’s a universal truth that people like being recognized. Admit it or not, people live for validation. Much as I refused to believe it, even myself included. Trophies are tangible validations. Something that you can put up on display to shout to the world, “Hey I’m good and they all agree!” Though looking at it, I never had any shortage of validations and praises for the stuff that I do. People tell me. BUT HOW COME I DON”T HAVE A TROPHY?

Well some people have trophies though in another form. Having a hot somebody to walk with at a party is sure to make heads turn. Driving an Audi to a high school reunion will get people drooling. Or getting that corner office with a view, that house in the exclusive village, that Hermes bag, or even that shiny gold pen you’re holding now. The list can go on and on. These are objects that make us feel good about ourselves. We can look at it as rewards for all the hard work, or as tools to rub our social status on lesser beings. It will all boil down to us needing objects to make ourselves feel important. It’s a material world and if you ain’t into it, better leave the planet honey or you’d be stuck in a pool of envy and resentment.

Now where was I? Oh yeah! WHERE’S MY TROPHY?


2 thoughts on “And the award goes to…

  1. i remember.. way back in in 4th yr HS.. nanalo yung group namin sa quiz bee.. then the plan was iuuwi ng bawat member yung trophy sa bahay nila for 1 week, then ibabalik sa school.. hayun, when it was my turn, hindi ko na binalik sa school!! Hahaha!

    i want my own “trophy” too. Sigh.

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