Scream my lungs out, trying to get to you

I’ve always had diverse taste in music. Though I go for mainly Top40, I go out of my box every now and then and explore. Songs which are lyrically driven and instrumentally divine make me tantric (seriously). Anyway, here are the top 5 rock songs on my playlist, chosen for the richness of the accompaniment and the profound lyrics. Enjoy!

#5 is the very emo ANTHEM OF OUR DYING DAY  by Story of The Year. I have always been drawn to rock songs mixed with orchestra music. And the video’s great too.

#4 is BLURRY by Puddle of Mudd.  Who would have thought that it was about his son?

#3 SHIMMER by Fuel. How can you not love a song that says love is for fools that fall behind?

#2 FAINT by Linkin Park. The beat is infectious, Chester’s voice just rips you apart. I love them.

And the #1 song of choice for the rocker in me…. ONLY ONE by Yellow Card. I melted when I heard this the first time. Unbelievably romantic, the rifts made me cry and that violin was heavenly. Orgasmic, I say.


4 thoughts on “Scream my lungs out, trying to get to you

  1. Love this top5!! It’s always good to have a diverse taste in music 🙂 I actually have a draft in my blog where i wrote all the types of music na nagustuhan ko… and may progress talaga.. and lahat na yata ng kind of music eh nagustuhan ko 😀

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