What’s Cookin’ Average Lookin’?


I have a natural aversion to ugliness. Yeah I know most people do but I’d like to think that my tolerance for it is a couple of notches lower than the average Filipino.

Anyhoo a couple of days ago, I came upon a realization: How on Earth does someone like Marian Rivera do it? I mean apart from pretty what the hell does she have? She is devoid of any actual acting (delivering mindless lines while canoodling a half-naked man hardly counts), singing  (lip-sync is so 80’s), dancing (grinding one’s hips at varying speeds is not dancing, dear) talent. And yet when you go around the city, you see her billboards left and right. She is arguably a certain TV network’s primary commodity. She’s got a couple product endorsements. HOW THE HELL DID THAT HAPPEN?

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t hate Marian Rivera. I just find her annoying. That “pretty-but-dumb-girls-own-the-world” kind of annoying.  I looked her up at Wikipedia. Her personal profile read like it was written by her. Such substance. Such eloquence in writing. NOT.

“Marian Rivera was born in Madrid, Spain to Francisco Javier Gracia Alonso, a Spaniard and Amalia Rivera, a Filipina of Cavitena  descent. When her parents separated two years after her birth, Marian Rivera and her mom left Spain and flew back to her mother’s home town in Cavite. She finished Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at De La Salle University-Dasmariñas. Marian is an only child. She and her father did not talk for five years, but at a birthday concert for her and Dingdong Dantes, her father greeted Marian which made her break down in tears. Her father greeted her in Spanish, although he speaks fluent Tagalog.”


Remember when we were young and impressionable, grown-ups would always tell us that the secret to success lies in your ability to use your talents for the betterment of this world. That being smart, a degree-holder at least, and to behave properly in public will make you successful. What happened? Have gigantic boobs replaced diplomas? Does a pretty face lead you to doors that average-looking people have no access to? What then would be the fate of the ugly people (admit it, you too have ugly friends you’re concerned for)?

Or maybe it’s the other way around. Perhaps someone like Marian is a beacon of hope for all the bimbos in the city. A glimmer of hope that despite one’s  numerous grammatical murders and un-classy behavior, success can come. No wonder the lines on those casting calls for reality shows are miles long. Are these the next Marians? What then is the point of advancement in TV technology is people like these would be the ones starring in it?


4 thoughts on “What’s Cookin’ Average Lookin’?

  1. Hey Dru, I can’t help but comment about Marian… I used to like but after her whole hullabaloo with a certain dude during her ‘Dyesabel’ days I got really annoyed… Yeah, sure she’s a Cavitena and would surely know how to put up a fight but the way she did it made her look more like a ‘Palengkera’. Since I hail from Cavite, I just don’t like the fact that some people might generalize Cavitena’s would always act that way… or maybe that’s just her…
    Anyways, I recall a friend of mine who went to DLSU-Dasma, she said that, “Yeah, Marian’s pretty… She’s just another pretty face…”

  2. dru, know what i dreamt of ur blog last night. u posted something daw about eva mendes. un pala kay marian ang post mo. hmp.. hahaha.. weird, huh?

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