Burning Down The House

A lot of people don’t get me – including myself sometimes. Naturally, being curious creatures, we get to a point where they look everywhere for some explanation on why we are the way we are. Call it existentialism if you want. We all would go and try to find the possible reasons why we think, act and live the way we do.

In my case, I decided to look up – literally. I read about the zodiacs a couple of years back and I was surprised to find how most of the things I read were kind of on the dot.

I’m a Sagittarius – a fire sign. Generally, fire signs are described as straightforward, zealous, confident and can face danger or difficulty without flinching or retreating. The aggressive nature of fire people makes us perfectly comfortable being the center of attention and we find nothing more motivating than winning. Of course with that kind of attitude, losing sucks more to us than the other signs.

Sagittarius is represented by a Centaur with its bow and arrow pointed to the heavens – a sign of ambition and passion. Add to that being ruled by Jupiter – a planet characterized by dominance and leadership.

With those attributes alone, one would probably think twice about going against someone born under this sign.

But it gets even better. I was born under the year of the Snake. The Fire Snake.

The snake is one of those creatures which always elicited fear among humans and for good reason. Through the ages, across all cultures, the snake has symbolized deceit, guardianship, vengefulness and vindictiveness. Relating that to people born under the sign, we can be firm even when threatened and can resort to striking when provoked.

Chinese astrologers have explained that people born under the sign climb to the top and use the tongue as a weapon. It’s the symbol which is fixed to fire as its element. Though cyclically, the sign is assigned to other elements, the year I was born, the snake (which is innately fire) was on its “fire year”. Symbolically increasing its qualities.

So putting it all together. Born under Sagittarius (a fire sign), Snake (a fire sign), on the year of the Fire.  No wonder people are running away.


One thought on “Burning Down The House

  1. You are one fiery individual , love. Fire away!hehehe Inflame the world with your kind of conflagration!hahaha

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