La Mort Par Le Plastique

Swipe moderately

Death by plastic.

Nope. This is not morbid. It’s worse.

I remember being fresh out of college and very eager to get my first pay. I figured, I could do so much if I had my own money. Then I finally got it and felt awesome. Naturally, the urge to spend is there when you got a couple of big bills in your wallet just itching to be transformed into nice shoes. I was earning a little over P6,000.00 a month back then and I felt like a millionaire.  This went on for about a year or so. And then it happened. I met Mr. Mastercard. And boy was it quite an impression.

My wallet suddenly seemed like an endless pool of money. With this plastic money I could buy the much more expensive stuff like gadgets. Looking back on that first moment when the cashier swiped that card, I sold my soul to the devil. More years passed and more cards came. Good thing that I wasn’t really paid extravagantly  ’cause that meant I had low paying capacity therefore I had lower credit limits. But still, the debt never left. It’s like debt till death. Of course I try to be a good payer as much as I can but then it’s a cycle. You get one, you splurge, you get up to your eyeballs in debt, you pay up, you splurge again. It’s a pain, alright. That card which you supposedly had “for emergency use” ends up being swiped as well. But then who said that seeing your favorite brand go on sale isn’t classified as an emergency? Right?


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