One Dress, Three Icons and A Hundred Thousand Steps

Well you might have noticed that it’s been a while since you last heard from me. I’ve been busy doing the impossibly difficult task of putting together an intimate, fabulous, vintage-inspired wedding – for my sister. Well of course what is the point of having me in the family if I wouldn’t be in the vortex of everything, right? Anyway one of the challenges for most weddings is of course making it very stylish and tasteful without raking in a bill the size of Mount Everest. As we both decided on the theme and the limits to our funds, we ran around the city in search of the perfect wedding ensemble.

Well since we can only dream of getting Herrera, Dior, Lacroix or De La Renta to aid us, we summoned the powers of some of the most prolific style icons – Monroe, Von Teese and yes, Bradshaw. After walking for literally miles and miles of retail spaces, we finally decided to do a styled up suit – pretty much like that nameless vintage wonder Ms. Bradshaw had on when she got married. Only, Manolos were out of the question.

We found this fantastic ivory silk/satin jacket with a bow detailing on the waist at Iora. Just the perfect length and fit. It actually came with a pencil skirt but we wanted something flowy – a decision that turned out to be quite a challenge. Apparently, one of the rare items in Manila is an ivory  flowy skirt. Three gigantic malls and nothing. Just when we almost gave up we went to Crossings in Trinoma and found this fabulous 7-in-1 convertible Marilyn Monroe-ish dress in the exact shade and similar fabric. Weight is perfect to keep it flowy yet steady and the length hits right above the knees.

Then of course we’ve only just begun. Enter the Bradshaw touches. First, a large, black, silk rose brooch with just a hint of sparkle. Found one in Divisoria for an obscenely low price. Then, a large onyx ring (about the size of a one peso coin) I found in Landmark. As we couldn’t find matching onyx earrings, we settled for crystal teardrop earrings – shone like diamonds minus the six-figure price. And the biggest challenge of all, the shoes. I swear we went through every single shoe store in four major malls and nada. We needed something classy (as opposed to hoochie) with 3-4 inch stilettos – which again is quite hard to find. By chance we went into People Are People and there it was, miraculously appearing were the perfect shoes. Now everything was complete – after about six entire days of searching.

Who better to pattern vintage hair and makeup from than the one and only Dita Von Teese? Pin curls, coifs, dark lashes and scandalously red lips. Hairstyling tips were from superkawaiimama – which we found on youtube lol.

So, all in all, guess how much the total look cost? Just a little over P7,000.00. Now I’d like to post the finish product now but the “official” photos are not yet out. Don’t worry I will. But for now, who needs some styling?


3 thoughts on “One Dress, Three Icons and A Hundred Thousand Steps

  1. i really love the photos from your sister’s wedding. Fab is really in your system!I was even telling perk how amazed I was when I saw him the other day!

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