A Matter of National Importance – Sharon’s Weight.

What is happening to us? Sharon’s weight a matter of national debate? It’s like being back in the 90’s!

I am not a photographer, nor a graphic artist. However I know about fashion and how to create “illusions” using clothes and accessories and the image in question is proof that it is indeed, in a way, an illusion – however not to the extent that some people are claiming.

Prominent photographer Mr. Raymond Isaac has been accused by some uninformed yet (hopefully) intelligent people about the alleged over-editing of Sharon Cuneta’s photos for the Marie Claire billboard. Some even said as proof countering these claims, he should show the “raw photo” I don’t know if this is a dare or morbid curiosity on their part but WHAT THE HELL?!?

I stand by Mr. Isaac on this. He is right, not a single fashion photograph is an actual “raw photo” for even the top supermodels need airbrushing here and there. Looking at the pictures, key elements gave Sharon that look: Hair, Clothes, Belt and Makeup:

  • Hair – side parts make faces (especially an already round one) look even rounder. Center parts, especially with the hair framing her face like that give the illusion of a narrower face
  • Clothes – she’s wearing looser clothes in the “before” photo. Any reliable stylist would tell us, loose clothes do not work for heavier body types because it creates the illusion of volume. Skinnier models are made to wear loose, gathered, and/or ruffled clothes to give more volume. Also, she has a v-necked top as opposed to the scoop/round neck “before” – this has a slimming effect.
  • Belt – notice the belt. Does it go all the way round her waist? It goes through the blouse. Light belt on dark top. From afar it will really look like that’s how tiny her waist is – which is exactly the intention while she was styled this way.
  • Pose – If you will look closely, her breasts are of the same size in both photos. It is a known scientific fact that breasts are made of fat tissues ergo if a woman drastically loses weight, fat tissues – like those in her breasts – would be one of the first to go. Double chin on the original? There is a posing technique where you push your head forward so as to give yourself a virtual facelift when photographed. This I learned from Oprah and apply it myself – trust me it works.

So there it is. As far as I am concerned, her stylists made her skinny. Add the talent of Mr. Isaac and voila – sexy megastar. And just for effect, may I just point out that these things are what’s keeping a multi-billion dollar industry – fashion, advertising, and media – alive.

Please don’t go hating on talented people like him. Let’s all be honest here, if we have the means and reasons, wouldn’t we all want good pictures in the end?


One thought on “A Matter of National Importance – Sharon’s Weight.

  1. I so agree, dru! Adding to the fact that I dont think Mr. Isaac would place the name he established for decades into a grave, I think having the “rights” (right angle, right clothing, right everything ~as you mentioned) would make a huge difference! I am speaking based on experience, too ahehehe

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