Super Love

Save for the fashion advice and stuff, I never really wrote anything else for the past year. I guess it’s time to go back to what I always wanted this blog to be – a pensieve.

Have you ever thought of what it would be like to fall in love with a superhero? Like, how did Lois Lane or Mary Jane Watson did it? Falling for someone whose regular routine involves saving some random person’s life.

You lived your happy life doing whatever then boom, you fell head over heels with someone who’s waaaaay out of your league. Someone who makes every other person you loved seem so inferior. Someone who is quite unlike anyone you ever met, let alone loved. How do you deal with that?

All the great romantics say that the greatest loves usually entail the greatest sacrifice. Yeah, that could be true. What people needed to give up for love. Loving a superhero means you’re always on the sidelines because there are obviously more important things than the thrills, the romance. Ironically, the romance that feeds the greatest love is often absent. Did Lois ever felt left out? Did MJ cry when she realized  they couldn’t even go out to dinner because well,  schedule doesn’t permit it. Or that they can’t take a vacation together because the world always needs someone to fucking save it. They know they couldn’t because they shouldn’t.

It really is amazing to fall in love. To be swept off your feet, hoping your hero doesn’t drop you. It would be nice to have the hero to just quit what they’re doing for just a day so it would all be just  the two of you. But then that would be selfish and then the world would just hate you.


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