Party Crasher, Panty Snatcher

It was love at first listen. The first time I heard “There You Go”, I knew I was gonna be a fan forever.

Alecia Beth Moore brought something to the table that not a lot of artists could – guts and talent. She makes it okay to be yourself – not that other artists ever tried doing that. But the thing is, the bluntness and honesty of it makes you really believe that the world can go fuck itself, as long as you’re happy being you. Validation is all shit. Pardon the expletives. People who disagree, go run to your room ’cause you’re about to be beaten up.

It’s all about expression. In her music and her fashion. She’s simply awesome.

I thank Pink for making me feel like I’m  so cool.

Here are my top Pink picks:

Like, how cool is it to run a bike through the window of a bastard? Who does that?

I love this one ’cause really, stupid girls (or people in general) have no place in this world

To everyone who bullied me as a kid, one day, I’ll do this. I just need to get a horse first LOL

This one’s the most played song on my iTunes – the anthem for dirty little freaks like me

And to celebrate the love, here are a few looks to get that Pink vibe going.

Raise Your Pink

Pink Punk
Pink Troubles

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