The thing about love is… ah fuck love.

For the record this isn’t a post about bitterness. It’s more of seeing the light after being so consumed by love and not realizing things for what they really are. How could anyone put another human being through repeated torture of a heartbreak and still dangle baits to keep you hoping that things could still turn around?

And it gets worse. There you were, recuperating from the last wave of crushing emotional lashes, and you get doses of more emotional challenges from the same person as if trying to see if you could take any more punishment. What else is there to prove? Isn’t going through all that enough? How insensitive, hurtful and just downright cruel.

Eventually it will get to a point where you will snap out of it and realize it’s simply not worth it. Like a splash of cold water on the face. Or that big bitch slap from the universe that gets you back to your senses.

NOTHING is worth taking on too much emotional fuckwittage.


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