While most people consider other harsher ways of coping with devastating things that happen in their lives, there are those of us who are lucky enough to have coping mechanisms that kick in instantly after such ordeals. Well, having a kind of healing ability like Wolverine comes in really handy when you went through hell and back.

But how do we deal with matters that shook you like no other?

  1. CRY. Yeah I know it’s such a sissy option but hey, if it unburdens you, why not? Actually, based on experience I think it’s one of the most relieving things you could possibly do. Instead of bottling things up, just let it all out. It’s like draining all the hurt out so you could rid yourself of it, at least for longer periods.
  2. HATE. Of course you hate it, him, her, the world in general. Life can be so unfair – and nothing highlights this more than falling so hard for a six-foot pile of shit who pretended to be a decent specimen of a human being. There is however a “trashy hate” and a “classy hate” – go for the latter. Maintain poise, civility and your sense of appropriateness. Learn the art of crafting witty insults and throw it like freshly-sharpened knives
  3. STICK TO IT. I personally have low esteem for people who get their hearts stomped on and seem to get temporary memory loss and decide to go back (obviously to get more punishment). Why go back to  say, an emotional fuckwit with a stethoscope, when all they want is to suck you back into a world of verbal baits and broken promises. If they want you out, shove it up their flabby asses.


So the lesson is, shit happens. Rise above the shit and never look back.


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