No Fear, No Thoughts, No Reservations

Have you ever been asked why you love someone? Like when you’re together with someone and they ask you why you fell in love with them? Or the other way around – you asked them why they loved you?

Why do we need to know? What difference does it make? What if you don’t know why? Like, you know, it just happened.

A couple of minutes ago, a friend of mine tweeted that no matter how much you’ve been hurt in the past, you should still continue to love. The jaded side of me thought, is love worth all the hurt? Is it still love if you forego self-preservation and just take whatever hurt comes your way?

Why does it seem like we all need some form of justification when it comes to these things? Can’t we be happy with just the idea of love with no rhyme nor reason? Why think about something that was intended to be felt? Would knowing the why intensify the feeling? What if asking too many why’s would lead you to see the cracks? Isn’t it appealing to be consumed by love with no fear, no thought, no reservations?

Sometimes I think too much… I think.


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