Dirty Little Freaks

They are known by many names. Bitches, perverts, alcoholics, corporate slaves, demon scum, divas, drama queens, to name a few. But for me, I just call them my friends.

The thing about this world is, no matter how cruel it could be, your bound to find people who will be your angels in this life. They’re not your siblings and yet you share a bond that’s strong and often functionally dysfunctional (you know what I mean, I’m sure). Amazing, isn’t it?

In our group we are all equally damaged, neurotic and brutally honest. We also love sex (especially Ms. York).  Funny thing is, people might see that these qualities are not admirable factors to consider in friends but hey, it works for us.

There will always be a time when one of us would have major dramas in our lives and the rest would just hug that person then tell him/her how stupid they are for getting into that mess. They’d even laugh when you say you’re sad. Cruel, right? But then when you think about it, that’s the hallmark of true friends. People who take you for who you are, tell you in your face what the fuck is wrong with you and then plunges into the pain with you with no questions asked. What more can you ask for in this life?

I think that we are all here in this world to make it a better place. And you do that by loving people for who they are. No ifs, no buts. You don’t get to choose siblings but you do choose your friends. And I think I made a good choice for having mine 🙂



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