Guitar Gods and a Sparkling Goddess

Tonight a couple of my friends are watching Grammy Award-winning band Train and one of them even got the chance to get up on stage. How cool is that?

2011 was a good year for me when it came to concerts. I got to see three of the biggest acts which came to Manila and up to now I still haven’t fully recovered from all the excitement I felt.

First was Irish super band The Script. Though I was a fan, I was on the fence on seeing their show. Sure the lads were fantastic but I wasn’t sure if I was willing to shell out so much, considering that I was anticipating expensive tickets for Maroon 5. Then the bet came. Some hottie (at least for me) who will remain un-named dared me to buy Lower Box tickets and be the “date” for the night. DISCLAIMER: it was a platonic, non-romantic yet thoroughly enjoyable night. I’ve never seen the big dome packed with this many people. My knees literally went weak when I heard Nothing and Science and Faith live.

I loved Maroon 5 the first time I ever heard them. At the time, Adam Levine was just this scrawny guy fronting an unknown band. Who would have thought that they would eventually emerge as one of the best and biggest bands today. The show was nothing less than electric. They really know how to put on a performance. SMX as a venue was far from ideal (whoever thought of turning a big room riddled with pillars into a concert venue is an idiot). I practically watched on the monitor and contented myself with the live sound. My throat got so hoarse singing along.

And of course, let’s save the best for last – Kylie. IT WAS MAGICAL. Sure it was on the opposite end of the spectrum compared to the first two but by sheer production value, Aphrodite wins by a mile. How can anyone go wrong with all the naked bodies flying around the stage? Apart from the show on stage, it was also quite an experience watching the audience. It was like a disco ball exploded. Everyone was dressed to the nines! It was too bad though that they weren’t able to do all the effects like how they did it in the London show, but hey, I can’t complain. Ticket prices, though quite steep, was soooo worth it.


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