Somebody Else’s Thoughts

We all have pasts. Some more colorful than others but we all have it. It’s kind of nice when you have a vivid imagination and can set up a back story to some random person you see somewhere.

Guy in blue enters Starbucks, looks around then falls in line at the counter.


They’ve been going out for two weeks. Met this girl through a friend from Accounting. She’s hot, at least for him. He’s not so bad looking himself. Quite a looker actually, when you realize it.

They went out for two dates, first was to see the month’s blockbuster romcom and the second was to help her buy a couple of presents for her nephews and nieces. During that date, she tells him that perhaps he should come over for dinner instead so he could meet her family.

Whoa. Big deal. This is good, right?

So he agreed. Went to their house in Marikina. Met the charming mom and the two kids. Had a great time exchanging stories over dinner. He never felt so at ease with a family he barely knew. He decided to stay after dinner and play some more with the kids while his girl watched him, eyes twinkling. He looks at her and thinks, this could be it. The start of something different from what he had in the past. An actual mature relationship where both of them want something a little more long-term. Seeing the kids enjoy the toys they bought while casually putting an arm around her makes him feel like this is the kind of future he would like to have. No more running away after a night of partying and waking up next to that girl he was standing next to while waiting for a cab.

He said goodbye feeling so elated. She gave him a peck on the cheek as he walked to the main road. He grinned from ear to ear.

Half an hour later, he was at Starbucks. Looked for an empty table, placed his bag and went to the counter. A latte would be nice on a night like this.

Phone beeped.

I had a great time. I’ll see you soon, babe 🙂


Me too. I love you 🙂

Smile. Press send.

Phone beeped.

Babe, where are you?

Phone beeped.

Baby woke me up. Where are you? Need to be early at work tomorrow. Text back, babe.


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