I Walked The Walk

This exact moment is one of those times when I suddenly stay still and look at the road behind me. All the things that have happened to me through the years and how each and every decision I made led me to where I am today.

The many times I’ve been invited to speak to a student group, I always make it a point to tell them that life outside of the university is so much different than when you’re in it. And how as early as one’s senior year in high school, you need to make good choices to make sure you lead up to a better life than what you have now.

I graduated from one of the country’s premier high schools and tradition dictates that graduates from our school should enroll in any of the top four universities. Never considered two due to cost reasons and so I tried for UP. I was so confident that I would pass the UPCAT that I never bothered to take advantage of certain “safety nets”. Plus there was this girl I was crazy about who lived near UP so all I saw was more time to be spent with her. Results came out and voila, I failed. That has got to be one of the most profoundly humbling experiences in my life. Oh well, there’s still another school. I ended up not enrolling that year because of my pride. I was a smart kid who stupidly thought high IQ was all you need in this world. NOT.

A year passed and I got a scholarship. I was eyeing this and that school and as it turned out, I didn’t have much of a choice as the Project Director pretty much dictated where I would go, what course I would take. I gave it a shrug and was off. Turns out that was a turning point in my life which would lead me to a very happy college life and meeting the one girl I would love the most in this world.

But that story will be told some other time.


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