The Druid In The Storm

My interest in gaming started in the early 90’s when my sister got me into Diablo 2. I found the game to be quite fascinating, especially my class of choice – the druid. For those who never played the game, druids summon wolves, crows, creepy poison vines, creates tornados and volcanic fissures out of thin air. Pretty cool, huh.

That then led me to start reading about the lore of druidism, the shamans and worshippers of nature. True, that isn’t the typical reading material you would expect from a teenager, but all those stuff that I read made me see things in a different light. Recognizing the neutrality and balance of nature gives one a different perspective on things and leading to a less stressful and better life.

How? One of the key concepts is accepting things as the way things are meant to be. Life and death, creation and destruction, night and day, cause and effect. The list goes on and on. By accepting that things happen because that’s the way things are supposed to go gives one the ability to choose the better options.

Say you were on your way home and it rained and you were caught without an umbrella. Sure it’s infuriating that your fancy shoes will get wet, but what can you do? You can either stand there, get soaked and curse the rain or just walk under it and get home. Your priority is to get home, right? Why linger in the misery when you can simply accept that you can’t tell the rain when to fall?

One of our cats chewed on the wires of my home theater system, making one of the speakers lose its output. Of course I wanted to strangle the damn thing but then, what good will it do? No matter how smart my cats are, they will never know how expensive appliances are. To them it’s just a piece of wire dangling seductively for them to play with. You can’t change that. That’s their nature.

So in a nutshell, I try to live like a druid in the storm, accept that maelstroms come, but they don’t stay. They bring destruction, yes. But always, whatever gets destroyed will always be rebuilt. That’s how nature intends things to be.

And that’s also why I was named Dru šŸ™‚


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