Valentines Schmalentines


Ah. Valentine’s Day. One of the most commercially-exploited days of the year, capitalizing on a culture where fancy dinner dates and giving over-priced chocolates and flowers are obligatory.

I had my share of stories from past V-Days, but two actually stood out from the rest

The Day Grimace Destroyed Valentine’s Day

Picture this: It was Valentine’s Day and I had plans. And my most heartless boss of all time refused to let me leave the office. Mind you, I wasn’t even asking to go out earlier than I should. I just wanted to leave on time so I could run to that restaurant where my date and I had reservations. That evil witch went on and on about a project that’s not even due for at least two weeks, not considering that unlike her, people have lives outside of the office. I wouldn’t have minded if it was any other day, but the fact it was fucking Valentines Day and I had a hot date. I wanted to pull her hair and slam her face against our lime green walls. Good thing though, my date waited and we made it a night to remember. Fireworks, baby! LOL

Black Hearted Me

I think it was the eve of Valentine’s Day of 2002 and I did one of the most horrible things any guy could do – I broke up with my then girlfriend. To add salt to the wound, I told her exactly why – ’cause I got back together with my ex. And it gets worse – I told her it’s better that I tell her straight instead of hiding it, and cheating on her. I was such an asshole. Yeah, I know it was stupid and I was a jerk. I admit to that. To this day I never forget the look on her face. I literally heard her heart break. I promised myself I will never ever do that to anyone again. Proud to say, I kept that promise.

Now what about this Valentine’s Day? Will it be as epic as those two? Let’s strip and see.


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