OK, firstly this isn’t going to take long. I’m typing using just one hand, while the other is holding this iPad sideways. Why? Cause I’m blogging while in bed. Yes, I too get amazed by how weird I could get.

Yesterday was kind of eventful for me in my virtual world. Logged on to facebook and voila, a picture of my niece locking lips with an “undesirable” jumps off the screen. Fuming, I gave her a few choice words and she eventually took it down. That ended up with a long overdue discussion about how she is the product of two very irresponsible parents and that if she doesn’t get her priorities straight, she would end up just like them.

Yeah we got family drama too. But you know what, I believe in second chances. I believe my niece will pull through this. If I don’t let go, I’ll be able to steer her away from the mistakes she will surely make out of uninformed choices.

So now I’m doing the work that my own brother is inadequate for.


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