Ice Creams and Racists


I normally don’t do a lot of rant posts but every now and then I come across topics that I just can’t keep myself from commenting on.

Let’s start with a craze right now – MAGNUM. Yes, that sinfully good ice cream bar that makes you think that everything’s gonna be all right. I saw someone post on Facebook that apparently, some people call it “the social climber’s ice cream”. Why they said that is beyond me. How could eating ice cream be social climbing? One could argue that since it’s the in thing these days to eat it, people are merely celebrating how wonderful it is. I wouldn’t consider it social climbing if say, someone took a picture of themselves eating it and posting it online. So I’m still at a loss why it’s called that. The meanie in me of course would respond by rolling my eyes, sighing and expressing my exasperation on what some people consider as “sosyal”

Another hot topic these days is the Azkals versus Arnold Clavio brouhaha. I saw the clip and I can say that Arnold and his co-hosts appears to have disdain over 1. Half-Filipinos and 2. Good looking men and 3. Women’s discretions. Why does Arnold say that the team aren’t really Filipinos because their skin isn’t brown enough or because the didn’t grow up here? I don’t get it. It’s a classic case of “if it’s positive, they’re Pinoy, if not we disown them”. When the team as making headlines successfully representing the country in all these matches, we (including Arnold for sure) proudly proclaimed them as one of us. And now that a scandal looms over them, they’re now white trash? That’s pretty shallow, don’t you think? Watching the video further, the hosts seem to have a thing against good looking people. You can tell by their inflection that they seem to think that good looking people are generally up to no good. Why? Scorned lovers? Unrequited love? Why? Lastly, I was particularly annoyed by the statement that most women tend to drop all reasoning when confronted by a gorgeous man. There are simply too many things wrong with that statement. All in all, the hosts I think have been too irresponsible in their comments. Sure it was their opinion and they’re entitled to it. But then the bad thing was they are opinion leaders and giving out statements that doesn’t seem like much thought have been put into it, is just sad. Pathetic, even.

Lastly, I saw the 20 Things I Hate About The Philippines and well, I think the narrator needs to visit other parts of the country before he makes sweeping statements. I mean, yes there is a certain degree of truth to his statements but then it doesn’t show the whole picture. Also, he should at least have the decency to ask for an explanation from an educated Filipino why there are things that he finds weird and yet we do it here. Take the case of the proliferation of security guards. It’s a response to all the safety threats the the establishments are getting. Or that one where he says drivers keep beeping their horns. Correct me if I’m wrong but doesn’t the beeping a form of greeting among motorists? Does he know that? I think somebody should smack the poor guy in the head and remind him that he is not in the US nor in a first world country. If he hates the Philippines as much he says he does, he should just pack up and leave. Somebody should tell him that that kind of condescending attitude is actually the reason why there’s plenty of Anti-American propaganda out there.

That was a mouthful. The power of words indeed.


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