The Cheater In The Rain


The universe has an impeccable sense of humor. The countless people who go through your life either end up being just random humps on the road (pun intended), cautionary tales or sources of anecdotes you get a good laugh off when you’re drunk with your friends.

And then there’s that one person who, out of nowhere, comes into your world and turns everything upside down. Not that that’s a new thing to you but somehow it’s familiar yet different. Like a kind of drug that you know is so wrong for you yet you can’t keep your hands off it.

Maybe that’s it. Players are natural-born cheaters. And cheaters are natural-born players. It’s like an addiction that can’t simply be overcome by abstinence.

But it’s different. Started out fairly innocently and then you end up going down the familiar road. The road that you know very well would lead to that ultimate plunge. That wonderful, exhilarating drop where you let go of all reason and just fall.

And as that sparkly vampire said, “And so the lion fell in love with the lamb”, the person in question would say, “And so the sun lover fell in love with the rain and made his life even more fucking complicated”

Funny what a little rain can do.


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