Another Open Letter for THAT Senator

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Dear Mr. Sotto,

Pardon me for not addressing you as senator but after reading this, I believe you will see why.

Firstly, I am not politically inclined, as evidenced by the contents of my blog. I only talk about a limited number of national issues such as the great need for Charice to fire her stylist. However after seeing videos of your now infamous speech and reading even more things on the people’s reception of if, I cannot help but set aside my apathy and speak out.

You were accused of plagiarism. Your Chief of Staff brushes these off by saying they made the speech and “quoted” known books and people – and that we should not pin the blame on you.

Sir, many of us have been in your position. There are times when our staff bumbles around and makes mistakes. Once it’s out, I personally take the blame being the person in charge of that person’s output. I heard they call it “command responsibility”. And I’m just a Manager and my responsibilities are nowhere near those of an elected senator. I’m very sure you heard of it and are an advocate of these things, being a good leader and a public official. Now that leads me to wonder, could I be wrong? Either we have a senator who does not espouse command responsibility or is he someone who on paper advocates this but does not necessarily put it in practice?

Now let’s go to the speech. Ah yes, your staff says they “quoted” certain sources after research. Pardon me, Sir but just like you I too went to university and not one of my teachers would consider copying entire blocks of text as “research” – and I did not go to schools as prestigious as you may have. I think all of them would agree that research means going through blocks and blocks of texts, get the essence and write things the way you understood it. Plus for research results to be valid, especially for science and health related ones, it has to be the most updated, the most recent information. I doubt if information from 1949 count as recent, Sir. All the more reason for me to wonder, what did your teachers tell you about research? Is it possible that my teachers from the Philippine Normal University (which if I may add, produced thousands of teachers) be wrong? Did I go to the wrong school because they defined research as such? Either that or you did not listen to your teachers. How then, did u go through school. Please tell us your secret.

And since we’re on the subject, why “quote” all those texts? Perhaps you being a passionate speaker feel like using “quotes” generously in your speech encapsulates the essence of your advocacy. Please enlighten me Sir, do you not think that since you so passionately believe in your stand against the bill, that your own words would have been a better alternative? And you speak in behalf of the poor. Trust me Sir, I grew up in the slums of Manila – they hardly knew who Gandhi is. The words of Tito, Vic and Joey would probably mean more to them. So why quote all these people? Are your own words not enough? And if those are not, what business do you have speaking on somebody’s behalf when you yourself do not trust your own words just to get your message across?

Sir, you are a Senator. That position means that you are expected to be better than all of us in all aspects. And on that, you are failing. If people will not vote for you, it’s not because the RH supporters like me convinced them, it’s because you have shown the world how inadequate you are for the job.

By the way when I say failing on all aspects, I would include acting. That crying episode you had won’t exactly win you any award.


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