The Leap to Twenty Six Eleven

What a week.


I’ve never really seen myself as someone who would be responsible enough to actually own a property. And yet here I am, taking baby steps into getting one. Truth is, this wasn’t exactly something that took a long time to decide on although, quite a lot of thought has been put into it. Thanks to two of my friends, I have managed to see beyond the superficial and take that leap into adulthood.


What I did learn is that in choosing a condo, the brochures don’t really do it a lot of justice. According to my friends, always consider three things – location, amenities and unit sizes. True, cost should be a factor, but it’s those three things that you should add up to get a shortlist and then start working on the best payment schemes your doe eyes can get you. After going to five show rooms and meeting with a couple of agents, I finally settled for Avida Centera.


Location-wise, Centera is along EDSA and just a couple of hops away from the MRT and with a few more cartwheels, Shangri-La. It’s near Makati, too so getting to the office won’t be that hard even by public transport. Amenities, it’s going to have retail shops on the lower levels (hopefully including a supermarket). It has four pools, a jogging trail, a meditation garden, a clubhouse, a lounge at the roof deck and an outdoor gym. In terms of size, studio units are at close to 24SQM – not exactly the most spacious, yes, but it’s still bigger than most of the more affordable ones in the market.


With everything considered, the next hurdle are the payment terms. I guess the universe is really conspiring with me on this, as the agent that I talked to was really nice and accommodating. He was very easy to talk to and unlike most people in his line of work, he was not at all concerned about making a sale (well of course his is, but he did a really great job not making me feel he was). I literally made him go through flaming hoops just to get a great deal and in the end, he got his boss to say yes and gave me something so much better that what I have hoped for. And the cherry on top of the fantastic ice cream was he got me a unit on the 26th floor. What more could I ask for?


So I did what I needed to do, signed the papers and paid the initial fees. Then off I go. Although I would have to make a couple of sacrifices to curb my spending, and also wait for about four years to finally move in, I don’t really mind. Delayed gratification is a sign of emotional intelligence, right?



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