The Vent

I’ve never been this stressed for years.

Been terribly busy with everything – my job, especially. It’s bad enough that I have a mountain of things to do but what adds to the stress are all the non-sense. The politics. There, I said it.

In all the years that I have been working I have always been pretty zen about how people perceive my job. And along with that, I developed ways of adapting into the dynamics of whichever company I am in. It’s inevitable, there will always be people who are into office politics – and I am not one of them. I don’t need that, I just do my job. For some people though, it seems like second nature to some. There really are people who actually take time to discredit other people. It’s bad enough that somebody say things behind another person’s back but what makes it worse is when they have no idea on, no basis for anything.

Sometime it’s because they want to get ahead, or they’re just jealous of what you have. Sometimes they don’t really have their reasons – it’s just second nature for them. But what’s more infuriating is when they pretend like they’re not doing it. Being all nice to you and once you turn your back, they fucking stab you.

Generally I’m not the kind who would like vent out into cyberspace, but I am sad and angry. I never did anything. Never said a word against anyone. I guess, it’s not true when they said you should treat people the way you would like to be treated.

Maybe I should go to the office and do as Pink did.



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