Not So Alcoholic. Not So Anonymous

They tell me that everything’s gonna be all right


They say you can’t have everything. Unless of course what you want are dancing, cocktails and forgetting.

I remember the first time I ever went to a bar. It was in the late nineties and I was barely legal. Normally being short and baby-faced allowed me to get away with a lot of things – until I tried getting into a bar. Looking back, it didn’t help that I was wearing those big baggy cargo pants and a Looney-Tunes shirt. Good thing I had my ID and it showed that I was in college so they let me through. When I got in, it was like being transported into a different world – the smoke, the music, the ledge dancers. It was awesome. I think I drank a beer and got tipsy halfway through the bottle. Forgive me, I was young.


Through the years I have developed my taste both in bars and in drinks. If the crowd’s tacky, don’t expect me to stay more than five minutes. I mean, what’s the point of dancing with strangers if they’re, well, ugly strangers? LOL Don’t get me wrong. I do not go to bars for hook ups. Not deliberately, at least. I just like that feeling of forgetting that there’s a harsh world outside. Hey it works for me!


And the drinks. There are two kinds of people in this world – the beer people and the cocktail people. I am not a fan of beer. I’d drink it if I had no choice but if I did, it would be cocktails for me. Call it a sissy drink but you can never deny that it tastes so much better. Bridget Jones was right, when you’re down, you best friend could be vodka. And boy does it bring you (and maybe some parts of your anatomy) back up.


I am not an alcoholic. Some of my friends would beg to differ but I’m sticking to that. I am not. I’m just that guy in a bar holding a drink while shaking the goods.


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