The definition is simple. It’s taking pleasure over another’s misfortune. It’s feeling good over someone’s pain.

Let’s flip the tables a little bit. Those definitions could be true should the premise be that the bad things happened and you felt glad it did. But what if the pleasure came before the pain? What if, the pleasure comes in doing things that could bring pain to people? What if the pleasure, and the consequences of it bringing destruction, is consented. Sounds taboo.

Think of it this way, don’t romantics always say that the strongest feelings can never be held back? The idea of not caring about the aftermath? Ah but maybe that only works on books and movies. Does it actually work in real life?

Somebody lectured me on the virtues of having open communication. How it keeps things plain and simple in their relationship, therefore making it work. Does that work for everyone? Maybe not. Some of us live for the drama, the excitement of elaborate plots and storylines. Will anyone ever know?

It has always been about losing control. A couple of drinks. A couple of strokes on the face. A bite on the hand? Recipe for a war where the stakes are too high.

Secrets. everyone has secrets. There’s nothing like two people sharing a good secret. Schadenfreude is at work and someone’s having fun with it.



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