The Beg Card



Perhaps it’s safe to say that being in a romantic relationship with someone is actually a lot like card games. At the start of all relationships, two people are handed a deck of cards they could play throughout various stages of the relationships. And just like in most card games, knowing when and how to play each card can mean the difference between staying happy or being brutally kicked out of the game.  

One important card is the Beg Card. At the start of the relationship, each player is provided with a Beg Card. Possibly one of the best times to use the Beg Card is when the relationship is going through a particularly rough patch (read: imminent breakup). That’s when you would want the Card to work – because your heart would shatter into a million pieces should it fail. Powered by desperation love, Beg Cards ideally should trump all reason and win the other person back. Using the Beg Card at this point is like putting a knife through your shoulder blade and slowly dragging it to your navel. You’re left bleeding with your heart exposed, ready to be shot. You’ll cry buckets of tears. Oh yes you will. All for the gamble of making the other person stay. Hoping against hope that they will change their mind.

Despite the cost, we all still use the Beg Card. Especially if the thought of losing the other person is more unbearable. Even if it means going down on your knees or crying in the middle of an empty street at one in the morning and realizing the other person’s not coming out to see you. Begging is such a pain.

When I used mine. That’s love, right there. 


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