Of Trials and Truths



Everybody talks about going through the fire for someone. Everybody talks about going through hell for someone.

And here I am asking, why? Why would we want someone who we supposedly love go through so much for the sake of proving how much they care for you? I don’t think I will ever fathom this.

I always believed (and I wrote about it so many times) that when you love someone, you take everything as is, where is. It’s that leap. People always wish for that unconditional, all-consuming, no-questions-asked kind of love – but ironically, a lot of those people are the ones who have the conditions and the questions. These are the ones who require proof.

I’ve never been a fan of tough love. True, I’m not really the easiest person to love but I don’t think I will consciously put someone through so much just to prove that they love me. Maybe it’s because I believe that if you love someone, you need to put a little more faith in the feeling, and the person. It’s never a good sign if you keep hurting someone again and again and then telling them that if they love you, you would bear the pain no matter how intense. That if you even flinch, that means they’re lying about loving you.

It could be true that a love that surpasses many trials tend to become stronger, but I think that that only applies if the trials come from a source other than the two people in the relationship. If someone in the relationship starts making things tough for the other, then something must be seriously wrong.

I have loved so many times and and even more time I lost. I wouldn’t consider myself a player but I’ve been around the block. I fight for what I feel until I know that everything is in vain. Like the song says, the only thing I need is to know is if there’s still something left worth fighting for.


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